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Any digital initiative’s success or failure is determined by its Technology strategy. It’s an important first step since it assures that all subsequent work and investmentis focused on achieving the desired result. There are numerous opportunities to test assumptions, innovate,reinterpret, and reinvent during the process.

Clickalt Global provides a comprehensive variety of technological strategy and marketing services, as well as consulting and training. To provide our client partner swith the best value for money,we mix strategy and execution.Our campaigns bring your products and services to the attention of your target market.We believe in knowledge transfer and partner with businesses to help employees improve their skills.


  • Develop and Implement Technology Strategy & marketing.
  • Researching yourtarget audience & developing personas
  • Content Planning
  • Website & Social Media Audits
  • Stakeholder workshops & engagement
  • Setting and delivering marketing goals
  • Campaign direction / management
  • Data Analysis & Reporting
  • Provide Content Design Advice
  • Develop digital marketing policies & procedures


  • Provides a digital strategy and roadmap
  • Integrates with existing Communications and Engagement Strategies
  • Embeds digital marketing as a key communications channel
  • Promotes digital skills within your organization
  • Increases adoption of digital services with branded marketing campaigns
  • Establishes digital marketing reporting and evaluation practices
  • Approach can also apply to internal communications
  • A cost-effective way ofreaching new audiences
  • Can identify problems with existing marketing channels&Fully flexible service tailored to your needs

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