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Clickalt Global Pvt Ltd is a Mangalore-based technology company that specializes in business-to-business IT services.

We provide technology and digital consulting throughout the investment life cycle. Our services combine cutting-edge technology, product, and digital knowledge with sector-specific, board-level insight, as well as 6+ years of advising private equity clients on how to maximize asset value. As a result, you can invest with confidence.


Clickalt Global was founded on April 3, 2020 when the Iqra Innovators Company up scaled its Enterprise Services business Solutions.

We combine IQRA’s expertise in strategy design and development with Clickalt’s enterprise solutions expertise. To give you with actionable analysis, we design and create scalable and exible technology platforms.

Company Milestones

2015 March

Under the umbrella of Iqra Innovators, an e-commerce platform was established.


2015 August

We began delivering inhouse services shortly after identifying a market gap for agile software vendors focused on delivery.


2016 March

Official IQRA Innovators began supplying mission critical IT and software to national and international client partners.


2019 January

Iqra Innovatorsis quickly established itself as a prominent service provider in the industry.


2021 March

Clickalt Global was formed as a result of the acquisition of Iqra Innovators. We combine IQRA’s expertise in strategy design and development with Clickalt’s expertise in enterprise solutions. We design and build scalable and exible technology platforms to provide you with actionable analysis.



Harnessing the power of technology, We deliver mission-critical IT solutions that change the world for better.

Company Milestones

We provide our customers with the IT services they require to modernise their operations and promote innovation throughout their entire IT landscape.

The Enterprise Technology Stack includes business process outsourcing (BPO), analytics and engineering (A&E), applications (apps), security (security), cloud, IT outsourcing, and the modern workplace.


who we work with.

We allow our clientsto alter, disrupt, and unlock new value by today’s most known technology leaders through a strong partner ecosystem that includes a variety of Fintech, Edutech, Oil and Gas industry, and startup collaborations.

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How we work

Every day, we earn our customers’ trust by delivering innovative solutions that help organizations and individuals around the world achieve success, safety, and well-being. Clickalt Global delivers competitive solutionsto full customers’cost, regulatory, linguistic, and business continuity requirements, thanks to its globally distributed workforce and extensive engineering expertise.

Through our carefully curated Clickalt Global community of technology pioneers, we harness the potential of collaboration. We create solutions and provide better out comes for customers across the Enterprise Technology Stack by combining skills and knowledge from around the world.

Our values

The fabric of Clickalt Global is made up of our principles. They link us together, no matter where or how we work, and help us succeed on our transformation path.


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Clickalt offers unmatched chances for professional development, perks, comprehensive incentives, and a culture of exceptional caring. We motivate and care for our employees. We strive to foster a culture of learning, diversity, and inclusion, as well as a strong sense of ethics and corporate responsibility.


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