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360° Clickalt
Learning Experience

At clickalt we have designed revolutionary learning and the development model for individuals keeping in mind real candidate persona to achieve zero skill and capabilities gap with a 100% employability goal. Clickalt 360° learning revolves around,

Learn from industry experts and align your knowledge to current industry practices .

Practice the tools and methods

Live the job role by cross functional collaboration and working with brands

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Why Clickalt

No Cost EMI
Live Interactive
Placement Assistence
Learn From Industry Expert

Clickalt Academy is Recognized by

Placement Incubator Membership

Along with upskilling and preparing you to be a solid SEO Specialist, we will help you with your job search and interview preparation as well!

Building an Impressive Resume

Enhancing Personal Branding

Interview Preparation

Individual online 30-minute mock interview session

Clickalt Advantage

Recognition &

Our Certifications establish Academic Credibility & certify Competency to Employers

Global Student Community

Become a part of a Robust Student Community with a world wide presence.

Career Assistance

Our Certifications establish Academic Credibility & certify Competency to Employers

Learning Support

Receive unparalleled guidance from Industry mentors & teaching assistants

Our Global Placement Partners

Trusted by 30,000 world-class brands and organizations of all sizes

Clickalt academy embraces digital marketing as a vital part of their overall business strategies—and the key to making deeper connections with their audience.

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